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Graduate Course

Science communication and outreach

Next edition: 3, 4 & 5th June 2024
SciLife Lab, Uppsala

Speakers(2023 line up, 2024 TBC)
Germán Orizaola
Senior Researcher at the Research Unit on Biodiversity (UMIB)
Ben Libberton
Freelance Science Communicator
Andreas Dahlin
Leader of Visualize Your Science
Adeline Marcos Talva Science journalist and consultant at the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)
Susana de Lucas
Communications Officer at the National Center of Biotechnology.
Eduardo Oliver 
Chair of Science in Parliament Association
Brady Caldwell
Head Science Teacher at Uppsala International School - Kvarngärdesskolan
Gustav Bohlin
Investigator at the organization VA (Public & Science)
Olle Terenius
Researcher at the Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University.
Rhiannon Sanders
Leader of Sanders Communication.

This is one of the most complete courses on Scientific Communication and Outreach that are out there. It should be a must for anyone considering a career in Science.

Participant 2019


This course totally changed my mind about science communication and gave me the right perspective. I think this should be part of the education of every scientist!

Participant 2018


​The best course I've taken in Sweden! Amazing teachers and speakers! The things you learn in the course is not only applicable in your science communication, but also in communicating in your CV and in job hunting. Highly recommended course!

Participant 2018


I would definitely attend to this workshop again. I got inspired from the speakers, participants and organisers. I came away with new ideas, tools, experiences that now I can easily apply to communicate my science, and also new projects about science communication where I would like to take part.

Participant 2017


Great initiative! Interesting, informative, diversified, balanced and fun. Wonderful organization and amazing atmosphere. Hope it catches on; highly recommended!

Participant 2016


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The ultimate goal of scientific advances is to have an impact in society. In this respect, communication of new scientific methods and results, and the popular outreach of science are of extreme importance to fill the gap between research and broad social environments. There are different sectors of society and consequently many ways that science can be brought to the public in effective ways: i.e. from spreading the news of scientific discoveries to stimulating kids into this fascinating world.

In this course, now in its 9th edition, we gather together experts in different areas of science communication and outreach to share their knowledge and experience with a broad audience, with the aim that attendees will be inspired to find their ways to contribute to scientific dissemination. 

This is a graduate course for which Ph.D. students at Uppsala University can get 2hp for their studies. Ph.D. students from the TekNat & MedFarm faculties will be preferentially admitted till 30th of March but all other participants are welcome to apply.

Note: this course is free of charge for all participants, but a no-show fee will incur in case of absence without notification in advance.

Topics covered

Wikipedia and Science

Scientific podcasting

The pedagogics of science

Oral presentation of science

Press coverage of scientific research

The role of university in public literacy

Visualisation of science in effective ways

Use of social media for scientific outreach

The connection between science and policy

Integration of different learning environments

How to present effectively and elevator-pitch techniques

OrganiseRs and Collaborators

These are Hugo Gutiérrez de Terán and Eva Garmendia, organisers of this course and scientists at Uppsala University. They are also founding members of the Society of Spanish Scientists in Sweden (ACES).

We have the ACESUppsala University and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) as main collaborators.




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Jun 03, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jun 05, 2024, 5:00 PM
SciLifeLab Uppsala / Navet,
Entrance C11, BMC, Husargatan 3, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden
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